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The heart of the waldorf method is that education is an art-it must speak to the child's experience. To educate the whole child, his heart and his will must be reached, as well as the mind.

Rudolf Steiner

Founding of Advaya Shaale - Advaya Shaale (ADS) , came into existence in the year 2015, with the collective efforts of the two Waldorf Kindergartens, Promise Centre at Babusapalya, Prakriti at Indiranagar and an enthusiastic parent community of both the Kindergartens. The school is inspired by the educational philosophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner and is one of the 1000+ Waldorf Schools worldwide. We are a coeducational institution and the Waldorf curriculum will be adapted to suit the Indian context and to meet the educational needs of our time. The school, currently located in the heart of the city at Kasturi Nagar, is easily accessible to children of both the kindergartens and yet presents the challenge of bringing Waldorf education to urban children. Advaya Shaale is a primary school, with Grades from 1 to 8.

Advaya Shaale is a community school that will integrate and apply the principles of Waldorf Education. The parents, teachers and children will work together to create a natural environment that promotes Self Learning by children. The school will focus on imparting education by a balanced engagement of their Hands, Heart and Head, thus laying the foundation for high school education and beyond.

Advaya Shaale is founded on the contemporary interpretation of an Indianised version of Steiner Waldorf philosophy. The school aims to foster in children, an intrinsic love for learning that emphasizes goodness, beauty and truth. The school intends to encourage and nourish the highest expression of Willing, Feeling and Thinking in the children, thus enabling them to emerge as conscientious and Harmonious World Citizens.

Developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, Waldorf Education is based on an understanding of human development that addresses the needs of the growing child. Only when the child is ready for first grade, is it appropriate to use the powers of understanding for more abstract matters, including writing, reading, and arithmetic. But, to the child, it is not simply the acquisition of knowledge that is important, it is the process too. And this is where the Waldorf teacher comes in….the teacher must meet the inner need of every child for true authority and provide a secure basis for the child to reach out into the world. The Waldorf teachers strive to transform education into an art that educates the whole child—the Heart and the Hands, as well as the Head. The College of teachers at every Waldorf school believes that the children should not simply be taught to do artistic activities and manual skills, but they should be taught so-called "non-artistic" academic subjects imaginatively and artistically as well.